Folding Polygons and Poster Making

In this workshop, students learn to fold a variety of polygons including triangles, kites and pentagons. They then use these to produce posters: mathematical patterns and/or free-expression depending on time.

All materials provided.

This workshop is suitable for years 5 - 8

Group sizes up to 60

Duration 1 - 2 hours

3-D Model Making

In this workshop, students cut out pre-printed nets and then fold a wide variety of 3-D models. These include some in which a string is pulled so that the nets self fold into the model. Others have calandars and there is a ring of flexing tetrahedron.

The picture shows a major task in which students produce a dodecahedron.

Students can take home any models that they make.

All materials provided.

This workshops is suitable for students from years 6 - 9.

Group sizes up to 60

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

Maths Funday Roadshows

Maths enrichment events based on the Liverpool Maths Funday Roadshow are also provided as stand alone or in combination with the other material.

See Funday Roadshow website for examples of the material, the ethos and use of the material.

All materials provided..

The material is age and ability related from year 5 to year 12

Group sizes up to 60

Duration 1 - 1.5 hours