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The Magic Maths Workshop

In this hands-on and interactive workshop, Derek demonstrates 6 - 9 mechanical or magic tricks which have mathematical or scientific content. They are designed to make students say WOW !!! then ask the question HOW? Students will be provided with materials so that they can try out many of these entertaining mechanical curiosities. This talk is designed to encourage the study of Mechanics (M) Modules at A level and illustrate the fun in studying STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) but will be of interest to all students who have any natural curiosity.

Derek is an associate manager and tutor for the the Further Mathematics Support Programme.

Many of the tricks and curiosities of this workshop are presented in the later pages of the website.

Suitable for year 6 - 13

Group sizes up to 80.

Duration: 50 - 80 minutes

This workshop is not suitable for the classroom because the students need space on the tables to perform the experiments, to stand up and move around. The desired venue is a hall. Tables must be horizontal, hard-topped and preferably in table-islands. Video facility is also desirable.

Derek is demonstrating the curious behaviour of a double pendulum whilst wearing a T-shirt illustrating the game Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. 

The FMSP's aims are to

  • give every student who could benefit from studying Further Mathematics the opportunity to do so;

  • increase the number of schools and colleges offering Further Mathematics;

  • increase the number of schools and colleges able to teach Further Mathematics themselves;

  • increase the number of students studying AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics;

  • provide training and support to teachers of AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Schools and Colleges can submit an online request to register with the
Further Mathematics Support Programme. It is free to do so and there                                    
are many benefits.

Making or Buying the Tricks for yourself.

These trick can be purchased for £4 each (including postage and packaging) from Derek but please read the advice on each page to help you source tricks and materials yourself. Any advice is given without guarantee but sites have been successfully used by the author.

For further information contact Derek at: [email protected]



The cost of any of the workshops is £125 per session (am/pm) + travel/expenses. Please ask for a quote. Derek Lives in East Kent and is prepared to travel fairly long distances and use Travel Lodge as appropriate.